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Use the Swall Institute as a Work / Play Retreat

WORK - The Swall Institute is equipped with:

* high speed wireless LAN
* three individual desk spaces and monitors
* a laser printer/scanner/copier
* a chalkboard, and a projector and projection screen
* large dining room table doubles as collaboraitve work space

PLAY - To clear your head, activate 'kinetic thinking', or get creative inspiration:

* soak in nearby natural hotsprings
* ride on world class mountain bike trails
* hike the High Sierra that inspired John Muir and Ansel Adams
* ski the nearby 12,000 - 14,000 ft peaks
* climb at the Owens River Gorge or boulder at the Buttermilks
* fly fish in the nearby lakes and streams.

LAYOUT - The 1250 ft2, 3 bedroom, 2 bath house is both cozy and spaceous with an open floorplan.

* 3-4 people can work collaboratively or independently
* 3 double beds + 2 more convertible double
* large dining room table comfortably seats 10
* extremely functional kitchen for group cooking
* deckwith outdoor fire pit

INTERESTED?- contact the owner Eric Berlow.