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Using creative recycled materials, or those with low embodied energy was the most difficult goal to achieve in our region and on a limited budget. Despite these constraints, and with some generous support from some manufacturers, what we were able to achieve includes:

* The rusted patina roof is made with recycled metal (Recla Metals)
* All sinks, bathtub, and stove/range were salvaged (Urban Ore, Appliance Gardens)
* All kitchen and bathroom cabinets and counters are bamboo plywood (Plyboo)
* All interior decorative wood is salvaged firewood (Bob Drake)
* All flooring that is not concrete is recycled cork (Flooring Alternatives)
* All decking material is recycled plastic (Trex)

What we were not able to do includes:
* FSC certified lumber was next to impossible to purchase in our region, so we used what was locally available.
* Cellulose or recycled cotton insulation were impossible to purchase from local suppliers without great expense, so we used fiberglass, which was locally available.
* Standard sheet rock (gypsum board) was our only affordable option for interior walls.