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The Swall Meadows area is utilized by the Round Valley mule deer herd, mountain lions, and many other species of wildlife. Over 2,000 mule deer depend on these open spaces for crucial wintering grounds and as a migration corridor as the herd moves between the High Sierra summer range and Round Valley/Swall Meadows area winter range. The migration corridor bottlenecks in the Swall Meadows area as wildlife squeeze through a 1.3 mile span between the towering Wheeler Ridge and steep Rock Creek Canyon. A fast growing housing development located in the bottleneck threatens to block the free passage needed by wildlife

On our site, much of the native sagebrush scrub vegetation on the site was disturbed during construction to meet the county codes. We are planting local seeds and weeding out invasive tumbleweed to speed up natural regeneration of the site. The lot remains free of fences to accommodate migrating deer, and local native trees will be planted for shade.