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A Sustainably Designed Creative Incubation Space

The Swall Institute is a residential work/play retreat designed to foster creative work in an inspirational setting. The sustainably designed space is intimate in scale with stunning views of 14,000 ft peaks and the deepest valley in North America.

INTERESTED?- contact the owner Eric Berlow.

News and Happenings @ Swall

Levi Strauss & Co's Global Sustainability Team envisioned their environmental future at Swall Institute

Meklit Hadero - Ethiopian-American Singer-Songwriter, cultural activist, and TED Fellow incubated with her crew to hammer out 5 new songs at the Swall Institute

The Swall Institute recently hosted the 2nd Annual TED Fellows THINK WEIRD GO BIG WORKSHOP to facilitate the transformation of creative visions into big realities.

A group of artists and technologists recently used the Swall Institute launch Basetrack | 1-8, an open source, multi-media project streaming reports and images from the front lines in Afghanistan.

Check out Swall Institute owner, Eric Berlow's TED talk!